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Welcome to the pinknoise wiki, this is where we try to keep track of internal checklists, setups, configurations, guidelines and god-knows-what about streaming at activist occassions. Feel free to copy anything you might deem useful for your own projects.

  • planning - planning for upcoming events
  • script - checklist of what to do from preparation to postproduction
  • disaster plan - don't panic!
  • gear - what we need, have and would like to have
  • tech configurations - configurations for encoding, streaming, recording and playing
  • fixed setup - our dream of a simply-push-the-button-and-roll-do-not-fucking-touch-streaming and recording setup
  • software - software to take a look at
  • mptcp - bundling multiple internet connections
  • hardware - how to get some hardware to work
  • archive - things that we did in the past
  • hdmi-streamer - stuff that can encode from a hdmi input
  • private - none of your business
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