First sessions for announced

The Interference event that is going to take place August 15th-17th in Amsterdam is starting to take shape. Still lacking a complete program, today the first sessions were announced. Quoting from

  • Tincuta Heinzel and Lasse Scherffig will set up their radio-based sound installation "Signal to Noise", dealing with the concreteness of ideological discourses and imaginary of the "Other". A volatile acoustic space is created in which two concurring voices and ideologies compete by broadcasting on the same frequency.
  • Johan S√∂derberg will present us with a reflection on the limitations of instituted, sovereign power by means of a comparison between hackers and psychonauts. Both assert their autonomy vis-√†-vis the State through the no-mans-land of the ever-evasive near future. Yet this legal greyzone is concurrently being turned into an incubator for corporate innovation.
  • Strike Now Collective will show and discuss their tool Universal Automation, an hacktivist intervention against the destruction of the social safety net in the UK referred to as the austerity programme, and the use of digital technologies by the government to enact it.
  • Visy and Viznut from the demogroup Pers' Wastaiset Produktiot will screen some of their work and share their insights - gained through coding on archaic systems - in the chaotic, uncontrollable, and profoundly non-modular areas of the possibility space within computing.
  • The people from Critisticuffs will host a workshop in which the notion of free software as a critique of capitalism is challenged. The argument that information wants to be free as these "goods" can be copied almost infinitely often begs the question: what is it about material wealth that makes it right, without alternative even, to treat it as private property?

Apart from those, you can expect a wide range of talks, workshops, performances and discussions. It would be impossible to summarize them adequately, but topics will include human-machine interfacing, liquid surveillance, cryptocoins, and many others.
If that has triggered your curiosity and you are planning to attend, please register and keep an eye on for further updates.
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